The Godfather: Michael Displays that He is a Man of God

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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In the movie The Godfather, the baptism scene happens after Vito dies and Michael realizes what kind of situation he is in. He knows that he is going to take the lead role of the Corleone family but also realizes that there is something bigger. He realizes a war is near with the Barzini family.             This particular scene seems like a montage and has a lot of formalism throughout it with multiple jump cuts. The jumps are between Michael at his nephew’s baptism and his men murdering a rival families members multiple times. The biggest eye catcher to me is how each murder is a sort of stylized violent take. By using these jump cuts it also indicates that the baptism and murders are going on at the same exact time. Through out some of the jumps from the church to murders they utilize close-ups. For instance when one of the rival family members was getting a massage he looks up to see who entered the room and as he does they close in on his face to show him getting shot in the fore head. The scene also shows different types of moods, for instance, when they are at the baptism everything seems really relaxed and peaceful, but when they jump to a murder scene its suspenseful and violent. They also use background music with the priests voice throughout the scene to add suspense and excitement to the scene. The music and voice of the priest get louder as each man is killed and then the priest reaches his loudest point right when he ask Michael if he rejects evil and Satan and he says I do, and immediately the scene cuts and shows Michael’s rivals being murdered by his men with loud gun shots. I also notice that the setting of the church had dark lighting and gave very serious feeling.

The scene ends with his men taking out all the rivals and Michael becoming the new Godfather of the Corleone family. Using many jump cuts, lighting, background music/soundtrack and many different shots they capture the holiness and evil of Michael and his men. The jump cuts caught...
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