The God of Small Things Essay

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  • Published : September 7, 2006
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The conclusion of the novel is that the touchable (Ammu) and the untouchable (Velutha) cannot be together. The Big god, who is the society, doesn¡¦t allow people of different caste to associate with one another. Small god, on the other hand, wants to gain individual happiness with the love affair even though he knows that there will be consequences. The love affair of Ammu and Velutha, Velutha being beaten up, the betrayal of Estha on Velutha and the incest committed by Estha and Rahel are a few climatic episodes of the novel that are important to its conclusion. These climatic episodes are important because they show a series of events to how seriously people were to react if such relationship happens.

The love affair of Ammu and Velutha was made known to the family members of Ammu, the touchables. This was not acceptable. Baby Kochamma lodged a false police report that a paravan (untouchable), Velutha, forced himself on her niece (Ammu). Baby Kochamma misrepresented the relationship between Velutha and Ammu, not for Ammu¡¦s sake, but to contain the scandal and the family¡¦s reputation. This led to Velutha being beaten up by the police and taken to the police station, innocent.

To save herself, Baby Kochamma manipulated the twins, Estha and Rahel, to lie. Unknowingly, Estha betrayed Velutha and ironically thinking that he was saving his mother and sister from jail. When the twins grew up, they know that Baby Kochamma had tricked them in the past. As a form of revenge and also because only they themselves could understand each other, they committed incest.

The love affair of Ammu and Velutha shows that small god can win over Big god. It shows that love can happen between people of different castes, the touchable and untouchable have equal opportunities and right to their emotions. However, Big god do not approve of this. Big god made small god pay back by interfering with this love affair. Small god had to suffer, hence the beating of Velutha and...
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