The Goblin Shark

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Maggie Payne
Per. 3
Final Draft
Most people probably think that sharks appeared around the same time as dinosaurs. But in fact they were alive about 132 million years before the dinosaurs. Even though sharks are older than humans, we still know very little about them. The things we do know are their structure, most species’ habitats, and what sharks are used for by humans.

The Goblin shark is slightly different from other species such as the Great White shark or the Hammerhead shark. But all sharks have an odd skeleton, it’s odd because it’s made up of cartilage and it’s very flexible. Sharks also have slightly different organs from that of a human. For example, their stomach is very long, it stretches from the middle of their pectoral fin to the bottom of their belly. They also have spiral shaped intestines, a large liver, and a small heart located between the front of their pectoral fin and mouth, bellow the gills. They also have small spikes coating their skin called denticles. Sharks have the same five senses as humans do plus one extra sense. Shark’s have very small holes around their head called “ampullae of Lorenzini”. These give sharks the ability to sense small electrical currents given off by other animals within one meter. Most sharks use this as an advantage while hunting while others don’t need to. For example, they will use it while hunting for fish hidden in the sand on the sea floor.

Sharks are used for many things, which is causing them to become endangered. Their flesh is used for all sorts of food including, shark fin soup, fish and chips, smoked shark, canned shark and shark fish cakes, dog food, and sashimi. Most of them are caught off of Honshu, a main island of Japan, causing the various Japanese dishes. Sharks are also used for various medical reasons like cornea transplants. Heart disease medicine is made with chemicals extracted from shark blood, there are even shark oil tablets. Burnt angel shark skin was once used to...
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