The Goal Isn't to Live Forever

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We all die, the goal of life isn’t to live forever, its to create something that will. I heard once that well behaved women rarely make history, so be a bad ass and don’t regret a thing. I try hard to make people happy, but in reality everyone needs to go out there and find happiness for themselves. I always keep my head up, and you better believed I have never looked back, for everything that occurs happens for a reason. The only thing harder then walking away though, is when you never turn back, ever. Try your best at first impressions, cuz you only have one kiss, one chance, one dance to be the difference between happily ever after and “yeah she’s just some girl I knew.” When something hurts you, stay mad as long as you can because once it gets u upset. it takes nothing but time to get over it. So you should always be careful on who you waste your time with, they may not be here tomorrow. Although, you should never forget what they did to you, but never let them know that you remember. I feel if you want something, you have to go out there and take what’s yours, because nothing is impossible. Don’t you ever pray when it rains, if you don’t give thanks when it shines, because you don’t deserve it. Always count your blessings, for they’re long gone. My adventure has begun since the day I was born, and you better believe im guna shine as greatly as the sun, I’ve always been a dreamer. To much in life do I see girls chasing after something, that isn’t after them. I truly believe the only guy you deserve, is the one who thinks he doesn’t. Everybody can change, for better or for worse, but the only way you’ll ever change your ways is if u give up your old ways. Love is a strong word, and to many people out there throw it around like its nothing. Love is a fire, but whether its goin to warm your heart or burn your house down, you can never tell but take the risk anyway. Love is pain, tears, confusion, and will break you down, but also it will give you life. Never...
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