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The Goal

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The Goal Write-Up – Learning From the Discussions in the Book by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox

An effective manager should have a broad view of the business, notice that not all details are important, have an open and clear communication with employees throughout the entire process, and always start solving a problem by finding out what really matters within the business. A great management should be able to enhance a core problem even in a complex environment, find solutions that really solve the negative effects without generating new ones as well as identify the cause of the problem to take procedures for avoiding it from happening again, and provoke a major change in a smooth way, creating enthusiasm instead of resistance. •IMPROVEMENT

Running a successful business depends on creating a system around continuous improvement. The concept about continuous improvement is not an action to be taken only once, achieve an immediate result and be forgotten then; it should be an uninterrupted process engaged within the culture of an organization and should include all players involved in this process. Departmental efficiency is meaningless when viewed independently of the entire process. A company is as only efficient as its weakest element. When considering an improvement, management should ask if this change will make the firm more productive. •BUSINESS GOAL AND PRODUCTIVITY

Productivity is defined as accomplishing something in terms of goals. Management must know what the expected outcome needs to be. Managerial decisions have no meaning without an end to decide toward. The goal of any business is to make money. Everything else that is done is a means to achieve the goal. Every action that brings a company closer to its goal is productive; every action that does not bring a company closer to its goal is nonproductive. Making money is characterized by efforts toward furthering it. •PRODUCTIVITY MEASUREMENT

Management should identify key...

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