The Go-Between

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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The Go-Between
This whole story is filled with feelings for different things. At first the Article 13 is mentioned, which is an article about the Human Rights. “All Human beings are born free and equal.” Which is clearly shown is a lie or the contract isn’t being held as they should because a lot refugees is getting tortured in the story, just like a big part of them are being held captive in the real world today. A home is something you can connect yourselves to, like something you won’t be able to leave behind or forget. “Out good but home best”, “Home, sweet home” are both two different quotes about how our home is something valuable we are able to go back to no matter what. In the short story written by Ali Smith we follow a young 33-year-old protagonist man. He was born in Cameroon, but he has moved to Ceuta in the northern Morocca where he is trying to help the refugees to get over the border fence, so they can get through to Spain. Every time the protagonist helps the refugees to get through the borderline, we hear about how happy they are through their yells when they reach their dreams. The protagonist has had a really rough and hard past. He has seen endless torture and big massacres done against the refugees who tried to cross the border, yet he has also suffered from big losses when he tried to cross the fences, he lost the upper part of his ear when he tried to get over the fence and his third finger when he tried to swim under the fence, at an underwater fence. The hate is really overwhelming towards the police officers because they stole the refugees’ food and their water: “They took all the food they found…. left them with no water”(l. 56-57). But then again, he is really fascinated by the wonders of Europe, one of the dreams he have concerning the streets of Spain is where he spills a litter of himself, which ruins the streets, which could indicate that he is unsure about what to do, he wants to leave too, because Europe is the sign of freedom...
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