The Glory Field

Topics: Family, Sierra Leone, Moses Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The Glory Field
The Glory Field is a story of a black family who was fighting for freedom and equality. The story starts with Mohammad Bilal who was the founder of the Lewis family. The eleven years old, Mohammad Bilal was captured in 1753 as a slave. Mohammad Bilal’s difficult journey started from the ship when they brought him from Sierra Leone to South Carolina. In 1864, Joshua and Lem who were the great grand children of Mohammad Bilal tried to run away from slave. However, Lem was caught and tied to a tree out in the woods. Joshua ran away. In the night when Lem was tied to a tree, thirty years old, Lizzy a wife of Lem’s brother, went to say something good to Lem and to give him a drink. When Lizzy was there with Lem, a white man, Mister Joe Haynes, caught her. But Joshua came and rescued both Lem and Lizzy. All three of them escaped and joined the army to fight for their freedom. In the war Lem died. His body was buried in the Glory Field. After the war, the Lewis family received the Glory Field as their own farm. In 1900, the Lewis family had struggled to pay their taxes. The fifty years old Elijah the sun of Lizzy, and hi cousin Abby got $35 by finding the little blind white boy David or the sun of Hamlin Turner by struggling the heavy storm. Elijah was forced to leave Curry because he tried to hit the white man Frank Patty with an oar. Frank Patty wanted to whip Elijah. Elijah went to Chicago where Joshua and Neela were living. In 1930, sixty years old Luvenia, the daughter of Elijah tried to go to The University of Chicago, but she was fired from her job, so she could not get the letter that would help her to get the loan from the bank. After that, she decided to start her own business and she succeeded in the business. In 1964 Johnson City, the sixty years old Thomas Lewis the grand sun of Abby was the first black who got a chance to join the local state collage. Thomas received a scholarship to attend collage by the help of his coach Mr....
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