The Glorious Revolution in England

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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The Glorious Revolution of England happened in the seventeenth century, and the French Revolution, happened in the late eighteenth century to early nineteenth century this is during the age of enlightenment. The revolutions where started because of the new ideas and wants of the common people. They have a lot of similarities because they influenced each other but they also have many differences because they are different countries and people. Because the ideas from the revolutions are so new and smart they influenced many other countries and their governments.

The Glorious Revolution of England came fist during the eightinth century was the idea to overthrow King James II and replace him with a ParliamentThe French Revolution began with members of the Third Estate pronouncing the Tennis Court Oath in June, the assault on the Bastille in July. The similarities are mostly in how the revolution was started. Both King Charles I and Louis XVI were in debt because of the lack of money left behind from past monarchs. Both kings gave the problem on the peasants which made them very angry. They didn’t want to pay off the debt of the monarchs who they already payed large taxes to. King Charles I and Louis XVI had to summon on Parliament and the Estates to fix their financial issue. Instead of fixing the money problem they came up with new ways of government and planned against the monarchy. The main differences between the revolutions came from the philosophers. The main philosopher that influenced the revolution in France was Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the main philosopher for England was John Locke. John Locke was known as the father of libertarionism and is reguarded as one of the most influencial elightenment thinkers. Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s political philosophy influenced the French Revolution and the advance of modern political and educational ideas The political and social ideas of both the English and the French revolutions influenced many governments in the...
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