The Globalization of Service Marketing

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The Service Marketing in the Globalization
The burning issue
Nowadays, the globalization pushes the service marketing into the fierce competition. Furthermore ,we can not avoid it ,because it influence every aspect of our lives. So many people think whether it is an opportunity or a challenge in this fierce competition?How Can they take use of the service to dominate the marketplace. This essay will discuss how does the globalization affect the service marketing, how do the companies manage the service in the globalization? The overview

There is no doubt that the rapid progress in science and technology improve the quality of the products.,but because of the sharing technology, there is not much difference between the products. And with the change of demand,the service marketing are playing an important role in the market . Furthermore , with the development of the globalization,no one can say that goods can live without service. The basically and most important is that the services are driving the development of the economy and provide jobs for many people. For example, in the USA, services now services now accounted for 74 percent of US gross domestic products. And in 1970s service jobs accounted for 55 percent of all jobs, today it account for 82 percent of total employment . The idea in tangible

The impact of globalization on service marketing is very obvious ,such as Wall Mart 、Carrefour 、McDonald 、Kentucky , they are affected by the globalization. Now they open the branches all over the world, in our Mian Yang we also can see their branches. So their service around the world Therefore, other companies should know how to manage the service in the globalization, and improve the quality of service to meet the customer. Firstly, the company must know that the globalization of service marketing brings risks and opportunities. They must to be familiar with the new market. furthermore,In order to satisfy the customers, maintain the...
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