The Globalization/Consumption of Digital Media

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University of Maryland University College-Adelphi
University of Maryland University College-Adelphi
By: Joshua A. Hood
Instructor: Professor Robert T. Zornes
Course: CMST 301
Paper Title: Globalization of Digital Media
By: Joshua A. Hood
Instructor: Professor Robert T. Zornes
Course: CMST 301
Paper Title: Globalization of Digital Media
Research ProjectProject 3
Research ProjectProject 3

Globalization of Digital Media Outline:

1. Introduction.
2. Think globally.
3. Rapid sharing.
4. Interactivity (changing the game)
a. Web 1.0 (convenience)
b. Digital media defined
c. Evolution of the Internet
d. Graph
5. Mobile digital media.
e. Graph
f. Iphone and Steve Jobs
6. Metaphorical summary relating to the inevitability of the evolution of digital media (and education) g. Recognizing power.
7. Education with digital media
h. Comparison of differing educations
8. Globalization
i. Globalization does not only include digital media
9. Globalization of digital media = powerhouse
10. Downloading.
j. Consumption of digital media
k. P2P (Peer to Peer)
l. Digital media ethics?
11. Music industry/cinema
m. Digital media creates musicians, literally.
n. Myspace
o. Adam Young (Owl City)
i. Singer/songwriter thanks to digital media.
12. Refresh: What exactly has digital media done for us?
p. Information availability
q. Creates contributing members of society
r. Creates scholars
s. Creates new disciplines, academics.
t. Information on burst!
13. Webisodes
u. A young tool in the digital media world.
v. Proposed outlet for successful cinema.
14. Social networking=shortened gap between nations.
w. Purpose of Facebook/Twitter
x. Business/networking
y. Mark Schaefer; author of Tao of Twitter
ii. Tweeting/retweeting
iii. Twitter is unique. Why?
z. Dell; the pioneer of social networking
iv. Cory Edwards
v. “Dell Outlet Feed” via Twitter
vi. Advantages/disadvantages through customer reviews {. Colorado shootings via Twitter.

-------------Body-----------Globalization of Digital Media--------------------

I would like to base my final project on a very simple article that –if read in depth and understood correctly, –publically announces the influence that digital media has on our modern world. My topic on the other hand –not the article, more like the idea behind the article –focuses on global digital media. It focuses on humanity’s horizons, expanding through digital media.

Subtopics discussed include: education, brick and mortar commerce, E-commerce, music, cinema, shared “common” culture from every corner of the globe (shared in a matter of seconds), education and the effects of the availability of education (in a global aspect) to the common man and the not-so-common man and lastly, social networking with its massive influence on digital media consumption. All of these topics relate to one another. They all contribute to the globalization of digital media.  A main article I am basing my personal opinion off of can be found here:

Think globally. Even though Digital media began locally. From the television (and its mass development immediately after its invention) to the common simple radio, communication has only been moving up in the technological world. Here is an interesting fact. “The television took 13 years to reach 50 million viewers, Facebook added 100 million viewers in 9 months.” (Hopkinson, 2009) Is this a miracle? Or just excellent progress?

So, along with the development of the television, also came the development of the ever growing rapid sharing of information. As you can see, Facebook’s growth rate is...
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