The Globalised Fashion Industry Report

Topics: Clothing, Minimum wage, Employment Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The Globalised Fashion Industry

Roxy is a sister brand of Quiksilver Inc. who also is the brother brand of DC and Quiksilver Women. In 1990, Roxy was founded - a brand specially targeted at those young women who enjoy coastal, mountain-based sports and lifestyles. 30% sales of Quiksilver came from the Roxy brand according to Alicia Gomez – an employee of Orange County Business Journey – on the 6th August 2010. Roxy has grown to be one of the most well-known sport fashion apparel brand in Australia for young women since Quiksilver has brought its sister brand on the surf market. In addition to the apparel, Roxy also provides accessories, home items, hard goods (snow and surf), wetsuits, footwear, books, perfumes and several other product categories – they were all made in China. Brands that are under Roxy include Roxy Girl, Roxy itself and Teenie Wahine.

Cheap Labour – Sweatshops
If an apparel company made their clothes in Asia, Central America and Australia then there is a chance that that company might be using cheap labour – also called the sweatshops. Sweatshops in Asia, Central America and Australia have been one of the major problems in the modern world because the labourers don’t get enough pay to have a standard of living and some even died from working long hours.

Roxy’s products were all made in Central America and China, although there isn’t any evidence to show that Roxy is using cheap labour to produce their clothing over at China currently or even before that, but there are evidences showing that sweatshops do exist in Asia. One of the greatest examples will be from BBC News’ reporter; Lucy Ash. Over at Shenzhen – China – a city where it used to be as small as a fishing village surrounded by rice fields has now turned into an economy driven by millions of migrant workers who are desperate enough to accept long hours, low pay and dangerous conditions because the alternatives back home are worse. One out of every three pairs of...
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