The Global Recession and Workplace Malfeasance

Topics: Employment, Cash, Late-2000s recession Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Organizational Behavior Chapter 2 case scenario questionaire

The Global Recession and Workplace Malfeasance

1) Does this case prove economic downturns and company layoffs fail to lead to work malfeasance? Why or why not? - This case does prove that economic downturns and layoffs actually lead to work malfeasance. It talks about when the economy is in a downfall and there are many loosing their jobs unpredictably, employees will panic and do anything to guarantee their positions, steal from their companies to build a back up, or act irrationally due to frustration and insecurity. Financial insecurity can push any individual to do stupid things or act unethically when they find themselves unable to feed their families. The case points out how employee layoffs may have a parallel effect with employee theft, fraud, and violence because of the increased levels of stress and financial insecurity. An increase in employee misconduct due to their anxiety and frustration is psychologically normal. Violence, intolerance, and impatience are some of the several symptoms of frustration. This case includes a statistic report on what employees think in regards to a possible increase of employee theft in the work place but the numbers of reported individuals who think there's an increase are mostly based on personal opinion not actual fact or knowledge on these crimes and is not necessarily a high number, at least in comparison to what? An increase from last year? The case also noted how the headlines on that report are rather exaggerated and are suspected to be linked to favoring certain companies who offer software that deals with the issue. This case also includes a few examples such as the situation in which a laid off immigrant lost his job and then murdered 13 people which they link to his desperation. In conclusion, although employee malfeasance is possible in any economy it is more likely in an unpredictable economy where individuals are afraid of loosing...
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