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The Global Confectionery Market - Trends and Innovations
Description: Although certain sectors of the confectionery industry have reached maturity in many parts of the world, the global market continues to grow. Much of this recent growth has come from developing regions and countries, aided by the spread of multinational suppliers and their brands, as well as a growing base of increasingly affluent consumers in places such as Russia, China and India. In the developed world, much of the market’s recent growth can be attributed to niche sectors, such as low-fat, low-sugar, organic and Fairtrade products. New product innovation remains critical to future success within the industry, with many of the world’s leading suppliers investing heavily in this area. Key features: - Analysis of current and future trends in the global confectionery market - Historic and future market size data for all of the world’s regions - Analysis of key players, with worldwide market share data - Discussion of key product innovations - Forecasts up to 2010 Helping you to: - Track developments in one of the world’s fastest moving sectors of the food market - Gain an understanding of recent market trends and product innovations - Assess the competitive situation in each region of the world - Identify future areas of opportunity Fact and Figures “In 2005, the global confectionery market was worth an estimated USD119.69bn, having risen by almost 19% in value terms compared with levels in 2001. During this time, the market increased by almost 13% in volume terms, reaching nearly 15.7 million tonnes.” “In value terms, chocolate confectionery is the largest sector, accounting for almost 60% of total sales. By volume, however, sugar confectionery accounts for the majority of sales, with a share of just over half (51%).” “The confectionery market in regions such as western Europe and North America remains fairly mature, and consumption levels have been largely static in recent years. In contrast, growth has been stronger in developing regions, notably central and eastern Europe, India and parts of the Far East such as China.” “Per capita consumption of confectionery in most of the developed countries averages almost 11 kg. Per capita consumption of chocolate confectionery tends to be higher in northern European countries, while the Scandinavian markets command high perm capita rates for sugar confectionery.” “The global confectionery market remains relatively fragmented, with the top six manufacturers accounting for less than half (45%) of value sales.” “The confectionery market has witnessed a high degree of merger and acquisition activity in recent years… recent deals have enabled both Cadbury Schweppes and Hershey to strengthen their respective positions in the higher-growth markets for healthier forms of confectionery.” “The spread of confectionery products marketed on a health platform continues to grow. Sugar-free chewing gum is well established in many parts of the world, whilst demand for low-fat, organic and natural confectionery products continues to grow.” “Another area of innovation has included the development of new flavours… in recent years, demand for intense flavours has risen in sectors such as chewing gum and mints, while more novel varieties are still appearing across the industry as a whole.”

“Between 2006 and 2010, the global confectionery market is forecast to increase by over 16% in value terms, reaching more than USD145bn. Volume sales are expected to amount to over 17.8 million tonnes by 2010.”


LIST OF TABLES LIST OF CHARTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2.1 Key Growth Factors 2.2 Market Size and Segmentation 2.3 Industry Dynamics 2.4 Innovation and New Product Development 2.5 Legislative, Scientific and Technical Developments 2.6 The Future 3. GLOBAL MARKET OVERVIEW 3.1 Global Confectionery Consumption 3.1.1 Chocolate...
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