The Global Concern

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel Pages: 8 (2476 words) Published: October 25, 2010
The global Concern
By Shadi Badawood

The global warming phenomenon is one of the most controversial global issues in globalization era, and it has changed the world’s agenda, it has made scientists and many others to predict, undertake research and explore facts which might be inconvenient. Marlo Lewis, a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wrote a critique of “An Inconvenient Truth”, which states that Al Gore, former vice president of the United States of America, has exaggerated the need for renewable energy as a solution for global warming by saying that “ Al Gore forecasts an increase in U.S. renewable energy production during 19902030 more than twice that projected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration” (Lewis, 2006). Lewis also claims that Al Gore was wrong when he said that people in some areas would evacuate their homes due to the rising of sea level, especially in Tuvalu. Lewis described the Kyoto Protocol as an unhelpful treaty which would increase problems rather that creating effective solutions for nations around the world and most policies in long term would be a “cure” worse than the alleged disease in the issue of global warming. Lewis believes that the global integration among nations would not make that efficient progress to face the global warming, as long as leading countries such as the United States of America have not taken a serious action, and carbon cuts should not be our top priority. But can this pessimistic point of view solve the problem or lead the world to look for further solutions? However, the world has become more interdependent in the globalization matter in order to solve the common problems and remove barriers among nations, not only that but also most international organizations, unions and agreements may play a major role in global issues whether in developing or developed countries, moreover individuals should work together in groups to curb the global warming effects and let globalization work as it should be. This article would substantiate how Al Gore and others were correct regarding their perspectives toward the issue of global warming through four main points:

1-The evidence and effects of this issue 2- The international agenda for global warming. 3- Renewable energy as solution for developed as well as developing countries. 4- KYOTO protocol as a step forward.

Evidence and Effects The first point in the argument is the evidence and the effects of climate change, so the first environmental cause of global warming is the emissions of volcanic eruptions which prevent the sunlight and cause for a short time cooling in areas of the earth. When we talk about volcanoes we talk about some Carbon dioxide that emanate from volcanic eruptions and creates greenhouse gas, causing a warming effect. In other words, the deep of the earth contains rocks that are burnt by volcanoes and release CO2 to the atmosphere, also when we look at the amount of CO2 which is estimated at over 130 tons of CO2 each year, it can be said that volcanic eruptions is an important cause in global warming (Moore, L 2007). The second environmental cause of global warming is that the trend of deforestation in order to provide bigger spaces around cities for commercial or residential purposes contributed to the increase of global warming. Thus, the shortage of plants is clear proof that carbon dioxide levels will climb in the atmosphere especially when the earth does not keep enough trees to transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen. Moreover, “the burning of wood and fossil fuels also gives rise to methane gases and carbon dioxide while agricultural and industrial processes produce nitrous oxide” (Radoslaw, M 2009). Lawis claims that “There is no empirical evidence that man-made C02 is likely to cause a climate catastrophe”, but it is not so, an important cause of global warming is made by human who probably causes the most impact. "Addiction" of oils and gases for transportation...
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