The Global Climate Change Regime

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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Putting a price on carbon is the best solution for climate change (Back Ground)Climate change, a consequence of unchecked pollution, has become a controversial issue in most nations in over the world. Among countless others, carbon emission is one of main causes of this problem. The effects of climate change are extremely dangerous not only on the environment but also for economy (Australian Conservation Foundation, 2013). Consequently, these effects have strongly influenced human life. Finding the solution to prevent the serious effects of a changing climate is the goal of most countries. Putting a price on carbon is considered as the best way to minimize consequences of climate change (Nader, 2013). (OUTLINE) Many people believe that putting a price on carbon can result in an increase of unemployment rate and that it is not an effective way to eliminate carbon emission level in the environment (Murrell, 2008). However, the huge revenue from carbon tax and carbon trading is a considerable benefit for a nation economic development. Furthermore, putting a price on carbon has a significant impact on preventing climate change (Richard, 2012). (THESIS)Therefore, putting a price on carbon should be continually applied for the protection of the planet and developing the economy. Argument 1: Putting a price on carbon is the best solution for climate change since it is beneficial for the environment. Climate change is caused by trapping excess carbon in Earth’s atmosphere. This trapped carbon pollution heats up, altering the Earth's climate patterns. Putting a price on carbon, including the carbon tax, is the best way to reduce carbon emission into the environment. “A carbon tax is assessed on each ton of greenhouse gas pollution”. (Caperton, 2012). In addition, the money from carbon taxes can be used to invest in clean energy infrastructure. A estimation from Centre for American Progress$ 20 billion will be used to research and develop clean technologies as well as...
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