The Glass Menagerie and Desire Under the Elms

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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The Glass Menagerie and Desire Under the Elms are plays that keep your attention, you can’t wait to see what happens. The characters portrayed in these two tragedy plays all have different obstacles that they need to overcome to obtain happiness. You see Lazzi, happiness, and sorrow, your emotions will go on an emotional rollercoaster. The characters never get what they want, their American dream. The families in both The Glass Menagerie and Desire under the elms are dysfunctional to some extent. The mother Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie is stuck in her past; she is obsessed with her children who are adults. She tries to control them to the extent of smothering them, which she is doing with good intentions, but she is blind to the fact that she is driving them insane. All Amanda wants is for her children to have the American dream, money, their own home, wife or husband, and a family. In Desire Under the Elms, the father Ephraim Cabot, is like Amanda when it comes to his children. He is a hard ass, giving his sons no affection but driving them to work all day every day of the week on his farm. His intentions in his eyes are good he is teaching them how to work hard, so they can have the American dream, money, their own home, wife, and family. The characters in The Glass Menagerie, and Desire Under the Elms never succeed in obtaining there American dream. Simeon and Peter Eben’s half-brothers might have obtained their American dream, but their characters’ only play a small part in Desire Under the Elms. In The Glass Menagerie Tom Wingfield wants to have an adventure, he escapes his family life in movies, and books. The lazzi in The Glass Menagerie, is when Tom and his mother fight about what he does with his time, Amanda thinks he is off drinking like his father, but really he goes to movies, that’s why he always has a pocket full of movie stubs. His mother does not believe him and he never empties his pockets to prove his innocence. Tom’s American...
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