The Glass Menagerie

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Richard Warman

ENG 125

October 15, 2012

Ian Woods

The Fruitless Glass

The Glass Menagerie is a drama about family life during the 1940s. It centers on Amanda, the mother, Tom, the son, and Laura, the daughter. Amanda’s husband abandoned the family 16 years previous. She is demanding as a single mother and struggles to hold onto some resemblance of a normal life by living in her past. Tom is Amanda’s only son and is the sole financial supporter of the family. Laura is Tom’s handicapped sister. The Glass Menagerie is an unsatisfying story. The characters’ situations and psychological limitations remain unresolved. There is no improvement in the characters’ growth or well-being, throughout the story. People should not bother wasting their time reading such a fruitless story.

Their Situation
One could argue that the family’s situation changes at the end when Tom walks out on his family. Will this put the family in worse financial shape? The family began without a man to take care of them and in scene II Amanda’s full dress outfit is described as old and cheap (Williams p.1251). They already live in a low income tenement and Tom’s job offers meager wages at best. Amanda lives in a make-believe world. She still believes that she is still glamorous and that 17 suitors will come for her and perhaps even her daughter. In scene I,...
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