The Glass Ceiling and Hispanic-American Women

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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There is a supposed "glass ceiling" when it comes to women in the workforce. This "glass ceiling" is a metaphor for a presumption that women are not able to reach the top of the business ladder because of their gender. Today, Hispanic-American women face challenges living between two cultures, and one of these is in employment. The so-called "glass ceiling" is even lower for them. Hispanic-American women receive reduced wages and are forced into stereotypical fields because of stereotypes and discrimination, and from their education.

First, a challenge Hispanic-American women face is discrimination and stereotypes which lowers their wages and keeps them in certain job areas. On average, Hispanic-American women earn 15% less than women of other ethnic backgrounds, and 17% less than Hispanic men (Women of Hispanic...). In The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, the main characters, Esperanza, gets a job at a photo development store and says that she "borrowed money for lunch and bus fare because Aunt Lala said I wouldn't get paid till next Friday' (Cisneros 54). Esperanza is Hispanic-American and has a low income job, as she demonstrates the majority of her money will most likely go to her bus fare and buying food. Esperanza is then evidently in a low-paying job. Though there is no full evidence, it can be inferenced that possibly others at Esperanza's place of work make more money, as two women there, who seem to be white, are happy in their job, while Esperanza is miserable the whole time. Women are also overrepresented in the operator, fabricator, and laborer occupations ( Women of Hispanic...). This may be because of the stereotype of Hispanics in the United States as being illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants are mainly employed in the service industries, as unskilled laborers, and as housekeepers (Hispanic Women Living...). People may assume that they can pay all Hispanics substandard wages and possibly not hire them if they attempt to be...
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