The Glasgow Science Centre Tower Project Case Study

Topics: Project management, Management, Risk management Pages: 11 (3397 words) Published: October 31, 2010
The Glasgow Science Centre project was conceived as a way of promoting Glasgow as a major high-tech center, as well as a means of revitalizing the River Clyde dock area of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The Science Centre consists of three main exhibits: the IMAX Theatre, the Science Mall, and the Glasgow Tower. The stunning design of the Glasgow Science Centre Tower was envisioned as a one of a kind structure capable of revolving 360° from the ground up and was expected to become a famous landmark. The unique design of the Glasgow Tower was envisioned to feature a viewing cabin on top of a reed slim tower 330 feet above the River Clyde. The distinctive design presented an array of engineering, technical, and safety challenges to the design and construction teams involved (Kwak, n.d.). The Glasgow Science Centre Tower Project was highly publicized and viewed with enthusiasm by both politicians and the public. The project had gained immense public support before the cost and time implications were clear. This made it impractical to cancel the project once the full costs and time implications became clear. As a result, numerous constraint tradeoffs were required between the projects cost and scope. Scope changes continued all the way through the Implementation Phase. This caused the opening date to be postponed numerous times. Because of all of the delays and the many scope changes, the Glasgow Science Centre Tower Project took over 10 years to complete and with a cost overrun of US$15 million (Kwak, n.d.). This paper evaluates the project procurement management process throughout the duration of the Glasgow Science Centre Tower Project. The evaluation is separated into five phases: inception, development, implementation, closeout, and lessons learned. The paper rates each of the four phases using the following criteria: scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, procurement management, and integration management. An excellent (5) rating was given for project management areas in which the project management team performed exceptionally or were extremely successful. A very good (4) or good (3) were given for areas in which the project management team performed very well and well respectively. A poor (2) rating was given to areas which had just implemented new processes or procedures. A very poor (1) rating was given in project management areas which either were not performed or were performed inadequately. The fifth phase, lessons learned, analyzes the entire project to identify specific areas improved over duration of the project and how those areas can be used in future projects. The Inception Phase

Rating Scale: 5—Excellent, 4—Very Good, 3—Good, 2—Poor, 1—Very Poor Project Management AreaInception phase
Scope Management2
Time Management1
Cost Management2
Quality Management3
Human Resource Management4
Communication Management3
Risk Management2
Procurement Management3
Integration Management3

Project Management Area Strengths
The Glasgow Science Centre Tower project was dubbed to one day become the hallmark of Scottish science, business, and commerce. Project managers made an attempt to manage risks by identify critical technical risks in the early stages, and choosing knowledgeable analyst to perform risk analysis in a timely fashion. In addition, quality standards and regulations were identified and addressed by providing contractors wit a “code of business conduct”. This was meant to provide the contractors with guidelines on how to successfully implement the project. In this stage teamwork ran smoothly and communication was strong throughout the team as well. Project Management Area Opportunities

Originally $12 million was allocated for the project. The sources for funding ranged from national lottery ticket sales and allocations from the European Union. However, funding...
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