The Gladiators Book Review

Topics: Roman Empire, Gladiator, Commodus Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: December 14, 2011
The Gladiators by Fik Meijer Book Review
Everyone knows or has an idea on what a gladiator is. Many people get their perspectives of a gladiator from mainly get their information from movies and shows. In the book The Gladiators, by Fik Meijer, he goes in depth from the beginning of gladiators to how it gradually disappeared in the Roman empire. Meijer describes this bloodthirsty sport very well and provides great information on every aspect of the sport. His facts are backed up with a lot of evidence and information he presents is very interesting. Even though it reads like a history book, the book doesn't really get extremely boring and keeps me interested. If anyone wants to know about the true history and has many questions about gladiators, I would recommend this book. In The Gladiators, Meijer covers every topic you can think of when it comes to the history of the sport. Its not only gladiators themselves, but also where they fought, how much it cost, and etc. He obviously covers the origins and the disappearance of the sport, but there are also surprising topics. For example, the different types of gladiators and even female gladiators. Meijer explains the different types of gladiators, “The types of gladiator most commonly referred to are thraeces, murmillones, hoplomachi, retiarii, secutores, provocatores ,essedarii, dimachaeri, velites, paegniarii, equites and andabatae” (90). This book goes in depth in the gladiator life style. It goes beyond more than just two men fighting in a arena. If you have a question about the gladiators, its most likely that you will find your answer in this book. Meijer writes the book in a very easy and understandable way. I overall did not have any trouble in reading the text or had a hard time getting the information. It was all straight forward and to the point. Some may find that boring, but I like the fact that it reads like a history book because Meijer does a good job with the organization and flow of the book....
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