The Giving Tree

Topics: Shel Silverstein, Apple, Tree Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 6, 2013
The Giving Tree is a modern children literature written by Shel Siverstien, which is also one of his first successful piece of work. It is about an apple tree who always gives and gives and a boy who always takes and takes. This might be another story to read before bed times for the kids but however, it portrays so many things, from deforestation to modern society. Personally, I believe that The Giving Tree portrays the theme of selflessness versus Tha Block is Hot

Straight off tha block hoe Vest in my hand trusting no man Got my glock cocked Running in sand you understaand It be steaming blazing i swear boy its ... selfishness, like the unconditional love a parent has for his or her child. “I have only leaves and apples. Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in the city. Then you will be happy. And so the boy climbed up the tree and gathered her apples and carried them away. And the tree was happy.” ;It might be hard for people my age, including me, who are fortunate enough to have parents taking care of us to understand the feeling Threads

Threads are rather insignificant by themselves. It is when a weaver connects them together that they form a beautiful tapestry. Each thread now contributes to the quality of the tapestry ... of “happiness” ;that the tree has. Anyhow, I believe that our parents will understand the feeling of the tree within no time due to the unconditional love they always provide for their children. Like the tree, our parents are the givers, they always take care of us emotionally and physically making sure that we will be happy. The boy on the other hand is like us, the children who are used to receiving and receiving, so much that we take Welcome to ISCUPFRONT

Causes of The French Revolution By: Jason Frezza The boulevards were like all the other streets, brilliantly illuminated, with immense numbers of people walking up and down on ... it for granted, so sometimes, we tend to forget to think about the tree or our parents. “Blessed is the...
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