The Giver: The Novel vs. the Movie

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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The Novel vs. The Film

A Compare and Contrast Essay

The Adventure of Ulysses novel and The Odyssey film are two

versions of the epic poem Homer's Odyssey. The two are very similar,

but are also very different. Some examples of how they are similar is

the main character's traits as well as the climax, and the antagonist.

Some ways they are different is the plot, the main characters, and the


The main characters are different, but also similar. In the film, the main character's

name is Odysseus, in the novel his name is Ulysses. They are similar in a way

because of their pride, which gets them into much danger with the

antagonist. Both Ulysses and Odysseus also take a long journey and

show strength and courage continuously throughout that journey.

Both characters have a long, hard struggle to get back to their home,

Ithaca. Howevre, a way they are different is in their appearance. Ulysses is

a big hardy man with a red beard and fluffy red hair. Odysseus is a

buff man with a big black mane, and even appears in the film with a

clean shave.

The settings and plot between these two versions are very different. Ulysses'

journey is longer in the novel because of more stops and obstacles, including the island

of the lotuse eaters. Also, in the novel Zeus shot a bolt of lightning at Ulysses ship that

killed all his men. In the film, Odysseus' men were killed by Scylla and Charybdis the two

sea monsters. The setting is also alike because both characters stopped at Circe's

island, Calypso's island, Ithaca, and the climax, however, which was The Land of the


The book and the movie have the same theme and

antagonist. Ulysses/Odysseus is trying to prove himself to the Gods

and return home. In both the film and the novel, he doesn't realize that

his journey is to...
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