The Giver Essay Dystopia

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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It is difficult for us to imagine a world without color, personal freedoms, and love, but in this book, the society is exactly this. Being able to make your own choices is really important, most of us don’t realize it right now but it’s important to appreciate freedom. In the Giver, what may seem like a perfect society is actually a dystopia is because theres no individuality, you are assigned a family, and jobs were assigned as well.

To begin with, individuality didn’t even exist in this community. Everything is conform, no one is allowed to know their own identity, and everyone’s lives are pre-programmed and ran by the Committee of The Elders. No one had emotions, feelings, or memories.They don’t see color and the weather in neither sunny, rainy, or snowy. Imagine how different life would be without memories or feelings. No stories to tell, not knowing what love is. Therefore, the association that Jonas lives in is dull, pre-planned and un-individual.

Also, families are assigned in this union. Your placed in a family unit and you aren’t allowed to have your own kids or know your biological parents are. Your paired with a spouse that you don’t even love. How would you feel if your parents were not people who created you? How would you like not knowing who your real parents are? Thus, it’s important to realize how important it is to value your family and freedom because this society had assigned family.

Another reason this realm is a dystopia is because jobs are assigned to each person. “ It’s choosing thats important isn’t it?’’(Pg 110) For instance, being assigned jobs keeps you from living out your dreams and setting goals in life. What if you weren’t able too do what you have a true passion for. How would you like not being able to chose what you want to do for a living.

All and all, through these words of evidence, its pretty clear that the community is dystopia.
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