The Giver Chapter Notes.

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The Giver Chapter Review Tasks – Part 2
Chapter 14
1. Why is everyone else in the community except Jonas allowed to have ‘relief-of-pain’ medication? Why is Jonas expected to feel pain? Why is Jonas expected to feel pain? Everyone else but Jonas is allowed to have relief-of-pain medication because Jonas is the Receiver of Memory and is expected to experience pain. This is because to gain wisdom, the Receiver of Memory must experience many memories of pain, so if Jonas does take relief-of-pain for things related to training, then he will not be able to gain as much wisdom. 2. Explain two examples where the Giver’s wisdom was needed by the community. Why is memory so important to have? An example of when the Giver’s wisdom was needed by the community is when the Committee of Elders wanted to increase the rate of birth, so that each birthmother was assigned four births instead of three, then they asked the Giver for his wisdom. His strongest memory of this was when a population got so big that hunger was everywhere, and was then followed by warfare. Another example of when the Giver’s wisdom was needed by the community is when the plane flew over the community. When this happened, the Committee of Elders were prepared to shoot it down, but came to the Giver for his wisdom, and he said to wait. This is because he had memories of when people had destroyed others in fear and brought their own destruction. Memory is so important to have because there are situations when the community must make choices, and without memories of previous events and mistakes, they may make the wrong choice. Chapter 15

1. What does the Giver do to Jonas that is so terrible? What does Jonas learn from it? The Giver gave Jonas a memory of war, which was terrible and bad because Jonas has never experienced anything like it and will suffer for days because of this. In the memory, a boy helplessly begged for water and dies afterwards. Jonas learns from this memory that the rest of the community hasn’t experienced pain at all, and that only he, and the Giver can experience real/true emotions because they can see beyond. Chapter 16

1. How does the community deal with family and changes in families compared to our society? Why did the community think their way was the better of the two? The community deals with family and changes in families by making sure that the parents do not give birth to the child, but ‘assigned’ one, whereas, in our community, we have our own children. In the community, if a person wants a spouse or a child, the Committee would pick it for them, rather than letting people choose. The community thinks that their way is better than the way it is now because letting people choose would mean that there could be wrong decisions, that doesn’t go along with sameness, whereas the community choosing things for them minimizes the risks of making wrong decisions, which is why the community is all about perfection. 2. What reaction does Jonas get when he asks his parents if they love him? Why is it not what he expected? When Jonas asks his parents whether they love him, the reaction that he got was that he used a meaningless word, and that he should correct himself for using imprecise language. Instead of ‘loving him’, they said that they ‘enjoy him’, which is how the community has such a narrow view of emotions. Chapter 17

1. Why do you think Jonas stopped taking his pill? Why do you think it is given to children at his age? Jonas has stopped taking his pill so that he could feel what love is like, and to experience a full range of unrestricted emotions and feelings. The pill controls any desire of ‘stirrings’, sexual thoughts, feelings, and love. The pill is given to people Jonas’ age because this is the time where people start getting sexual thoughts and feelings. 2. What happens during the game of good guys and bad guys? Why is Jonas ‘overwhelmed with sadness’? In the games ‘good guys and bad guys’, Jonas felt an...
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