The Giver

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Compare / Contrast Essay

In The Giver I believe that in Jonas’ community they live in a dystopia. The book gives me many reasons to believe so.
The setting for Jonas’ community is in the future where numerous technological advances have been made. In the beginning of the book it is December, the month where the Ceremonies 1 through 12 happens. In this community during the Ceremonies your name, your job, and your child are “assigned” for you unlike in the real world. In Jonas’ community you can’t even choose your own spouse; you have to apply for one then the Committee of Elders see if you’re fit to have one. Even worse, when they do this they say it is cause they now what’s best for you as an excuse. Now, they usually choose someone that is right for you but they base it on stuff like how smart you are or how patient and then they choose somebody who balances out with you. They do it that way because the community doesn’t have any emotions since they are drugged. Now this takes me to another reason why Jonas’ community is a dystopia. All of the people are drugged as soon as they start having “Stirrings”, or when they start to mature and experience other feelings. Jonas’ community does this to make sure that nobody stands out. When the communities’ emotions are oppressed it makes sure that the Committee of Elders can control them more easily. Jonas’ community is oppressed by a totalitarian government, also known as the Committee of Elders. Throughout the book it is always talking about how they choose everything and that they make the decisions for the community with out telling the community anything, and the times they do they sometimes lie. They don’t allow any kind of difference in the community and they are the ones who invented the drug that inhibits emotions. They also make sure that they oppress the community by taking away all memories and giving them to the Giver to make sure that the community doesn’t...
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