The Giver

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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The Giver

The book was great! This book and its story are unique. The Giver is a deftly crafted work, both stunningly beautiful and deeply disturbing. Finding myself being imperceptibly lulled by the peace, order, safety and serenity of Jonas's world; being awakened by the sickening thud of reality's steel-toed boot in the gut, leaving both him and me breathless and disoriented in the aftermath. This story is haunting and powerful. It's a raw portrayal of the presumed moral sacrifices that man would have to make in order to create and maintain a Utopian society, and the acceptable naivety of the horrors that would accompany it. Perhaps what is most frightening to me is the way I so easily assumed, at first, that Jonas saw the world as I do, that the words were being used in the way I understood them. The realization that his newly deposited knowledge gives him is almost terrifying, definitely unnerving. The depth of my emotional response still has me reeling! I really, really liked this book. Not because it made me feel good, because it obviously did not, but because it made me think. It made me ask questions.  It's true that, for some reason that I just can't put my finger on; the pain of these fictional characters seemed very real. How would you feel in a world of humans that are basically unfeeling robots and you're the only one who's feeling anything?  Something that really struck me was when Jonas asked his parents if they loved him.  They told him that love was obsolete.

And in a world where the murder of the innocents is not questioned or frowned upon, where euthanasia is a common, celebrated practice. It's not hard to believe that love is obsolete. The Giver is actually a series. First, The Giver, next is Gathering Blue, and last is The Messenger. I hope I can have the other copies so I can read thoroughly without doubts because the ending of the first book was really open. Open that it keeps my mind thinking of it on how the story could...
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