The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan Book Report

Topics: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Hiking, Walking Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
By: Stephan King
In the book "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan" by Stephan King a nine year old named Trisha McFarland goes hiking with her mother and older brother Pete in the woods in Maine. Her mother and Pete are constantly arguing since her parents divorced and their mother moved them away from their father and friends. Trisha hangs back on the trail, sick of listening to them, and wanders off down another trail to pee. She can still her them arguing from where she is, and so decides to take a shortcut to them through the trees. She then falls down a slope and becomes disoriented, but thinks she still knows the way. Until it becomes apparent that she doesn’t. What follows is Trisha’s battle for survival, as a town girl lost in an unfamiliar environment. Luckily she is smart, and she makes what little food and water she has last. She decides to follow a creek, believing that water will lead her to people. Unfortunately this takes her further and further from civilization, and the rescuers who believe a girl her age could not have walked very far. She spends her nights huddled up under her waterproof poncho, listening to the radio on her walkman. Sometimes she hears news of her own disappearance and how a lot of people are looking for her, but mostly she listens to Red Sox games. Her favorite player is Tom Gordon, and she wears his baseball cap with signature across the rim. She thinks she will be found soon, but as the days wear on Trisha begins to lose hope. She has to look for food, thankfully listening to her mother’s advice on which berries she could eat, but growing weaker and sicker as the creek water upsets her stomach and the endless walking takes its toll. With fear, Trisha feels something watching her in the trees. At first she tells herself it’s just her imagination, and not to be afraid. But later, as she weakens, she starts to hallucinate, picturing Tom Gordon walking with her as a guide, and other, more...
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