The Girl Next Door Jack Ketchum

Topics: Jack Ketchum, Narratology, The Girl Next Door Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: November 7, 2011
“It’s what you do last that counts”
The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum was written to open the readers minds to what could happen and what did happen. It also deeply examines the human awareness and the way people can be easily influenced, pressured, and in the end completely controlled. This book was based on a true story. The most interesting thing I learned about this book was how much the human body can handle before it gives up. A reason I did not find this book interesting was the fact that it could and did actually happen and that frightens me. The narrator, David is recalling his horrid memories of the abuse of a young girl next door. The story took place the summer of the 1950’s, in a seemingly happy suburb, where the major troubles are local alcoholics and maybe joyriding teenagers. This era was when the colored televisions just came out, the narrator explains how when he walks through the door his neighbors are glued to their new colored television. The setting has a major impact on the story, showing how long the abuse lasts. The reader will note that the beginning of the story started near the end of school and ended within weeks before school started. The Girl Next Door had many characters. Ruth and many of the kids on the street was involved with this ill-treatment. The Protagonist of The Girl Next Door was David. David was our narrator and a witness to the cruelty Ruth had bestowed Megan. The antagonist was, you guessed it, Ruth Chandler. This woman was the source of Megan’s abuse, she started the whole new “game” towards Megan. Not one of the characters in this story remained the same, they all changed in some way. The children around the block are flat characters, we know little about them. Alternatively, David, Megan, Ruth and her children are round characters. David was a 12 year old boy living next door to Ruth Chandler and her three...
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