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The Gifted One

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  • June 2002
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It was a humid summer day in a small town in Florida called Panama City. Much like everyday there were kids running around shooting each other with water guns up and down the street, and kids frolicking in the various pools throughout the neighborhood but this day would change the life of a boy who lived there forever. This particular boy named Simon was very special, all his life he had been marked as someone very different and gifted. At a young age of 10 he had an IQ of over 170, which is extremely rare. So he was constantly being taken to various schools that were designed to facilitate this boy with studies that would challenge someone of such superior intellect. The story all begins when him and his father were at their poolside talking about a school that had offered him a full paid scholarship. Simon's father wanted to have his son go to the best of everything even if it meant leaving his home where he had grown up at only 12 years of age. As most can imagine Simon was very reluctant about this idea he wanted to live at home near his friends and family. He did not want to go live in some far off place with people he didn't even know. His father tried to reason with him he said, " 3 presidents have gone to this school and not even they had a full scholarship tossed into their lap.' Simon replied, ‘ I will never leave home.' His father filled with anger and frustration yelled back with harsh conviction, ‘ You will go to this school even if you don't want to go because it is in your best interest.' Simon became very upset and burst into tears he cried out once more that, ‘ I will not leave my mother.' His father once again rebutted saying. ‘ You will do as you are told.' At that Simon with out even lifting his hand picked up his father smashed him against the concrete siding of the pool splitting his head and tossed him into the deep end of the pool. The blood oozing form his head turned the pool water into a deep crimson hue. Not aware that his mother was...

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