The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Topics: Love, Friendship, Gift Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
As human beings, we gifts and presents giving are part of our daily life. People give or receive gifts to show appreciation or how much one is loved or remembered. Annually, we receive all gifts and presents during holidays and the several special occasions that litter our calendar year. Some the gifts we receive throughout the year are dear heart because they came from a special person or because of their monetary value. While other gifts or presents with no attached specialty or less monetary value are tossed aside. In money obsessed world, most of us never pause, I included to really examine or clearly notice the real present that never stops giving_ Friendships

Friendships come free of charge and little time out of your weekends and a few minutes on phone.True friends help enlighten our live , world and our everyday living worthwhile.For instance, my first year in a US high school was quite awful. I had just migrated from Nigeria to the US with little to no good English skills but I survived my first year of American high school because of some good friends I made during my first few weeks . True friends are like a reserves of support, love and succor readily available when you are running low. They like gifts that continually brings joy that never ends. Friendships are lie pools of presents that never stop giving. Come to think of we never stop to think how much we benefit from friendships, how much change, joy, laughter and happiness they bring into our lives.

Friendships illuminate our lives and for the most part make us better human being. For example,I remember the first time I landed on Fort Carson , as a newly minted private fresh out of AIT fir the first few couple weeks I completely depended and trusted my new friends to help me get my new life at Fort Carson on track and my friends went above and beyond , even to the extent of sacrificing their weekend to make sure that I was settled and ready to take on...
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