The Ghost Story - Short Story

Topics: Ghost, Paranormal, Ghost Hunters Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: September 22, 2012
The Ghost Story
Because of all the recorded evidence of paranormal activity, this leads to the evidence being real. Yet, because of skeptics and nonbelievers debunking the evidence, some people are led to believe paranormal activity is fake. Many people have obtained facts that suggest ghosts are real. Whether someone believes in ghosts or not, there will always be logical theories and unanswered questions to ghostly encounters. Ghost stories have been told through real-life experience (hauntings), and myth. A lot of stories and encounters have led to ghost huntings in order to find logical explanations for what has happened. The same questions have been asked for decades, “Are ghosts real?”, “Is paranormal activity real?”, “Do ghosts exist?”. The questions go on and on, but as time continues to pass, the answers from both ghost hunters and skeptics get better. Although the answers may be getting better, the questions will remain up to each individual to answer based on his or her own beliefs and paranormal

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experiences. Believers have proof, through theories and hauntings while non-believers (skeptics) have their logical explanations. Is there proof of ghosts? Many ghost teams, clergy, and paranormal researchers have been asked this question over and over. Some testify to the existence of ghosts having personally experienced an encounter, while others still search for the “elusive ghost” and validation. Some churches teach that ghosts are nothing more than demonic spirits in the guise of friendly spirits in order to fool us. But there are a number of open-minded clergy who would disagree having experienced a ghostly visitation firsthand and believe wholeheartedly that there is a different aspect of ghosts and demonic spirits. A vast majority of paranormal researchers use science to search for the answers. Other psychic researchers use their “human...
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