The Ghost of Ivan Reznikoff

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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February 28, 2013 • Toronto Star

Students Report They Have Seen a Ghost at the University of Toronto

Lourdes Gonzalez
Columnist Reporter

There is a story of a Russian Stone Manson, Ivan Reznikoff, who in 1885 moved to Canada for his new job at the University of Toronto to build gargoyles. He was engaged to a woman called Suzie, but apparently she had a secret lover called “Diabolos.” They say that in his anger he decided to kill Diabolos, with an axe, but everything got twisted up and Diabolos in the despair for self-defence, pushed Ivan down a hole of the construction area. He died instantly. There was not evidence of the existence of Ivan until a few years later, in 1890, when workers found skeletal remains… And if this is not enough for you to believe in Ivan’s existence… students and teachers at the University of Toronto had just reported that they have been seeing a “tall handsome stranger moving around the campus late at night.” A few even said he carried an axe! This is something incredible; Ivan Reznikoff’s ghost is haunting the University of Toronto. I decided to go personally to the University and interview the students who reported this “ghost.” Allen Aylesworth said that after his classes, he went to his dormitory and he met this stranger man he did not know from before. After a while he invited “this guy” inside for a drink, after a few minutes, Allen Aylesworth tells us, “he said that his nake was Ivan Reznikoff and that he was a ghost.” Allen’s face could show his fear, he also told us that after a while the ghost simply left. I also interviewed different students and teachers,