The Germination of Barley Seeds Using an Experimental Technique

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The Germination of Barley Seeds Using an Experimental Technique By: Anna Sanford

Barley seeds are an important seeds to use when answering questions about many different effects of hormones on germination. The seeds, however, are usually shipped with many fungal contaminations and extremely aseptic techniques are required to germinate the seeds without fungal contamination. Various experiments have been performed using different dilutions of sodium hypochlorite (common house bleach) with minimal success. Another chemical commonly used is ethanol in the aseptic technique and this too was varied in the amount of time the seeds were soaked before being placed in varying times and concentrations of the sodium hypochlorite. Ultimately, in order to use the barley seeds we need have a sterilization technique that can eliminate majority of fungal contamination while not harming the germination of the chosen seeds. I propose an experimental idea to eliminate fungal contamination from barley seed germination.

Materials and Methods
Aseptic Technique
The working area was sprayed down completely with 95% Ethanol before the seeds were used. The forceps used to transfer the seeds from liquid to media were sterilized using the ethanol. Seed Sterilization Procedure

Using aseptic techniques 20 barley seeds obtained from the paper bag kept in the fridge were transferred into sterile distilled water and let to sit in a drawer for 20 hours overnight before being transferred to 100% bleach with a drop of dish liquid (Inatomi and Slaughter, 1971). The seeds were soaked in the bleach for a total of 2 hours before being dipped in sterile distilled water and placed on Petri dishes with minimal media and placed in a growth chamber. The germination of the seeds was monitored for 7 days for any fungal contamination.

After 3 days the seeds were germinating (13 out of...
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