The Geranium

Topics: Abuse, Verbal abuse, Bullying Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: October 14, 2010
“The Geranium”

In this short story the Geranium it explains an average day in the life of a girl who gets physically and verbally abused by her husband. Her life is controlled and she is constantly working around the house. She thinks of having a job but she is not allowed as her job is around the house and looking after her kids.

In the short story the main character Marney is the mother of children and a wife of Bob who is introduced near the end of the text. Marneys husband controls her life, he doesn’t even allow her to keep flowers that she have been given to her as a gift. In the story when she is given a Geranium he says”and what’s that” “a Geranium” she replies and he then tells her to throw it away. It gets worse through the story as Bob grips her arm tightly asking what she had done during the day. Bob is a sad character and may have had problems with his family when he was little or he might have grown up with his father abusing his mother so to him it may feel normal to act in the same way to his wife (Marney).

The main conflict between Marney and Bob is that she is given a Geranium which is a flower and he doesn’t let her keep it, after Bob has finished work he gets home and immediately asks Marney what she had done all day, she cleans every thing, the dishes, outside, inside and she takes the kids to school but other than cleaning she does nothing with her life. For Marney walking to the dairy is out of the question and she cannot go to other people’s houses. Socializing to much could get in the way of her work at home. However she does look forward to her daily visit from one of her friends who often says hi on her way to the dairy, on this occasion Marney was given a geranium from her friend.

The conflict does not get resolved as the story is only based on one day in which occur normal events for Marney. her day ends when she gets Bob a cup of coffee and then as she is doing the dishes she sees the water turning down the drain which is...
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