The Gender Roles of the Simpsons

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The Simpsons TV Show Analysis

In The Simpsons, all of the characters display how they resemble the typical gender roles as well as roles in the family, but also contradict in them as well through their actions and personalities. Homer is the husband in the family, he is bald, has a beard, and overweight therefore showing that men are considered to be lazy and do not care about their looks yet they are supposed to be the more dominant/powerful sex. Marge, the wife, stays home and does chores. She takes on feminine characteristics because she is always shown as the typical housewife and mother. Bart is the destructive son that is taking after his father’s laziness and Lisa is the intelligent daughter that has her own opinion and thoughts.

In The Simpson, since it is a cartoon I am not quite positive if Marge is portrayed as beautiful or not. However, I do not feel like Marge is unattractive. Her hair is big and tall, she wears normal clothes as opposed to other "beautiful" female characters in this show, other than her blue hair, Marge seems rather normal although she does not have spectacular looks. In "Gender and Television, the author quotes another author of The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan "claimed that television has represented the American woman as a "stupid, unattractive, insecure little household drudge who spends her martyred, mindless, boring days dreaming of love--and plotting nasty revenge against her husband.” I would have to disagree with this statement since Marge appears to be a strong character that does not seem to day dream about love and in contrast loves her husband and family despite their faults.

In the episode "Dangerous Curves", the flashbacks in this episode revealed that Homer and Marge were not happy in the beginning of their marriage. In the flashback after getting lost, they walk to a house to use their phone. Upon meeting the homeowner, he invites them to attend the party. Homer embarrasses Marge by flirting with a girl...
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