The Gender Gap in the Death Penalty Support

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Sociology Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: November 24, 2010
In today society, we try to determine the fairness of our system by discussing the important of one of many controversies issue which are dividing us apart. We want to come up with a unite decision that will benefit all of us. Capital punishment today is still one of the most difficult topics which had not yet been resolved. John K. Cochran and Beth A. Sanders are the authors of The Gender Gap in Death Penalty Support: An Exploratory Study article demonstrate how we deal with the capital punishment issue by providing the method and its result of their researches. In the past, men are known as a group which supports capital punishment more than women. Although the gap between men and women about this topic has been enduring over time, there has been evidence of a change in narrowing or widening of this gap as the authors noticed that in their researches, the main keys factors which influence such a decision bases on five of these believes: Values differences and traditional gender socialization practices, traditional gender norms and roles, status differentials and gender inequalities, gender differences in life experiences/life-chances and feminist consciousness and women’s autonomy.

First, the authors look at the value differences and traditional gender socialization practices. Men and women tend to express themselves in different religious and spiritual orientation as well as different social and political orientations. Women value religious and spiritual; they avoid violent and more concern with the preservation of relationship therefore they less supportive where Men value social and political make moral judgment bases on fairness and justice which influence them in support of capital punishment.

Second, they examine the traditional gender norms and roles. The gender differences with regard to the proper roles for males and females within the household and outside it in the work place, associate with the expectation of men have a job outside...
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