The Gebusi

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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The Gebusi
In the rugged and tropical island of Papua New Guinea, lived an extraordinary group of people called, The Gebusi. In the 1980’s, The Gebusi tribe was anything but modern and acculturated. The Gebusi had their own individual and unique rituals and traditions that they practiced and followed. The Gebusi tribe participated in ritual homosexuality, sorcery and/or witchcraft was highly regarded and practiced, and they participated in preferential sister-exchange marriages. By 1998-99, The Gebusi tribe had established a new way of life. The Gebusi had become acclimated with new cultural beliefs that changed their lives forever. In the 1980’s kogwayay best described the core of the Gebusi culture. Kogwayay is divided into three unique meanings which include; kog, wa, and yay. Kog, was referred to as togetherness, friendship, and similarity. Wa, came from the Gebusi root of wa-la which means, to talk. Yay, was the exclamation point or excitement, such as to cheer, yell, joke and cry out loudly. Together kogwayay was the core belief for the Gebusi. Kogwayay centered on all the highly regarded Gebusi values such as; togetherness, talking, and cheering. Kogwayay was a practice that was dominated by the men. The men were the ones who yelled and cheered, gathered in large groups to socialize and determined who would create togetherness with whom. The men were also in charge of the spirit séances, dances, initiations and ritual feast which are strongly associated with kogwayay. The women were typically restricted to whispering and cramped living quarters away from the men. The women were banned from participating in spiritual séances and dance, as the men would evoke gorgeous female spirits who enticed the men to have sexual relations with them. The Gebusi men in this spiritual fantasy could act out their sexual fantasies with the female spirits. The women/wives were often able to hear the men acting out sexual fantasies, hollering and dancing...
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