The Gap Between Rich and Poor

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Personal life Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: May 11, 2013
eThe gap between rich and poor
Wife Swap is an American TV show in which two mothers/wives from completely different social classes or lifestyles switch houses and families for two weeks. The show is a way of revealing the diversity of American values and lifestyles and sometimes it may be a shock to cope with people who differ culturally and socially. In this way, Mark Beauvais and Steve Clayton represent two completely different social classes, which can be identified in their economic situation, and therefore in their social behavior and aspirations.

Firstly, the economic situation is one of the main differences between Mark Beauvais and Steve Clayton. While Mark and his family are extremely successful, the case for Steve is different; he and his family are barely scraping by. In one hand, Mark lives in Arizona, while Steve lives in Indiana, one of the most depressed areas of United States; this situation may be explained by the fact that Steve is struggling financially because he is unemployed and the economy in his area is not improving at all. Furthermore, materialism seems one of the values that represent Mark, while Steve prefers a simple way of living; this is shown in the way both live, one in a luxurious big house and the other in an 800 square foot trailer. Through the episode Steve seems like he does not want to change his point of view, but in the end something really changed inside of him that made him realize that if he wanted a better future for his sons, he needed to get a job. On the other hand, one thing that Mark learnt from the swap was that he needed to adjust his priorities, that appearance and money are not always what buy happiness, instead he and his wife put for sale their big house and started spending more quality time with their kids.

The other aspect that differences them is their social behavior and aspirations. While Mark believes that with the right attitude anyone can achieve their dreams, Steve and his family cede...
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