The Gamemakers: Games First!

Topics: The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Essay # 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “The Gamemakers: Games First!”

As we read the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, we might have the impression that like in real life, the power structures in the dystopian society of Panem are biased to certain sectors over others. The privileges and prerogatives allowed to some of the Districts might lead us to think that the Gamemakers try to favor some tributes. The training for the Games, the design of the arena where the Games take place, or just the disparity of the economic conditions among the Districts are just some of the elements that aim to some favoritism for certain Districts and their tributes. For example, the tributes from Districts 1,2, and 4 look like the the favorites of Capitol.These are the wealthiest Districts, and the ones that receive a lot of perks from the Capitol. On the other side, others Districts like District 11 or District 12, seem that lack the favor of the Gamemakers. But, is this really true? Are those the real intentions of the Gamemakers ? Not at all. For the Gamemakers, the priority is to make a show with a lot of action, and at the same time, as bloody as possible. In order to achieve their goal, the Gamemakers creates all the necessary conditions to make the fightings and the killings the center of the Games. They will favor any tribute if that action leads to a direct confrontation between the contestants, and therefore more action and blood to the arena. This two elements, action and blood, seem like the winning formula for the Gamemakers. On one side, it keeps the Capitol viewers completely entranced, for whom the tributes are just disposable parts of...
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