The Game of Love Essay

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Valdez, Fanny
September 22, 2010
Period 4
The Game of Love Essay
In the 12th century the rules of love were most certainly different. The people back in those days had a different concept of love. Now days when we see those rule we sometimes do relate to them and sometimes think they are really unfair and simply don’t make any sense at all. Especially when the rules usually applied to men only.

No one can be bound by a double love is very true. Having two loves at the same time won’t make you fall for neither of the two loves you have. It would only make you confused and you wouldn’t know who to really love. Being unfaithful to one person (usually the women back on those days) is not fair because the person might really be devoted to you. Being cheated on isn’t the greatest feeling, it would be a waste of emotion for the person. I don’t think anyone should have two at a time because at a certain point in the person's life when they really want to settle down no one will take them seriously.

I agree with the rule XIV " the easy the attainment of love makes it of little value; difficulty of attainment makes it prized" because I believe if the two lovers "love" each other so quickly most likely either one won’t really love the other person. When something seems easy as it comes quickly it’s most likely not going to mean much to one or the other. Usually one would lie to the other. When people rush into things those things don’t mean much to them. On the other hand when someone works hard and actually takes time to get to know the person they will eventually love one another. Once someone truly loves another after a certain amount of time it means the world for both of the lovers.

I disagree with the rule XVII: A new love puts to flight an old one, because I really believe that once you love someone you will always love that person no matter what has happened. The love you have for that person would remain in your heart even if the person hurt you badly if...
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