The Game of Lacrosse

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The Game Of Lacrosse

In the 1840’s, the first games of lacrosse were played between the townsfolk and the natuve people. Though it was many years before and significant wins were logged against the natives, the game of lacrosse was quickly winning the loyalty and interest of the newesr North American settlers. Lacross was named Canada’s National Game by Parliament in 1859. The First Nations began playing the sport more than 500 years ago. Today lacrosse not only remains an integral part of native culture, but is played by thousands of people across Canada. From its origin as 'The Creator's Game' to the overwhelming popularity of the Toronto Rock and the modern game, lacrosse has survived the test of time after treading down a long, controversial path that led it to become recognized as Canada's official national sport.

Men's and women's lacrosse require different equipment, since the rules for the sport are different. Men's lacrosse equipment: Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoe, An athletic supporter and athletic cup, Chest and shoulder pads, Arm guards, Helmet with full face mask, Lacrosse stick with head, Lacrosse ball, and a Mouthguard. Women's lacrosse equipment: Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoe, Lacrosse goggles, Lacrosse stick with head, Lacrosse ball, and a Mouthguard.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association today reconizes four separate versions of the game lacrosse: Box, Men’s field, Women’s field and Inter-Lacrosse. Box lacrosse is uniquely a Canadian game and is best described as a game of speed and reaction. Men’s Field Lacrosse is a game of patience and stategy which focuses on control of the ball. Women’s field Lacrosse has stayed the truest to the original sport throught gameplay. It’s a game based on the skills of passing and ball control. Inter-Lacrosse is a non-contact version of the sport designed to be adaptable to the various age and skill levels of every participant.

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