The Future of Us-China Relation

Topics: United States, Economy of the United States, World Trade Organization Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Topic: The future of US-China relation
In the past few decades, China’s influence becomes more and more significant in the world, for example, its military power, economy power and the like. There is no doubt that the rise of China will become one of the great dramas of the twenty-first century. In fact, China’s bargaining power has been enhanced and became more significant in the international stage. China's active diplomacy and its astonishing economic growth are also already changing East Asia. Will China change the existing world order? How the United States do to maintain its position when China rises? However, The United States is the most powerful country within most of twentieth century. With the China’s accession, the political relations between each countries and itself are evolving. Especially, the US-China relation is extremely important among all the relations. In this essay, I am going to analyze and explore the future of US-China relations systematically and to see whether this relationship is beneficial to the other countries. First of all, the Competition between the United States and China is inevitable, but the conflicts between them can be avoided. China in fact only put more concerns on its own national interests but not interested in changing the world. There is no doubt that there will be a struggle for its influence because the Chinese need the United States’ markets, its sophisticated technology or even send some students to go to the United States to study the ways of doing business so what they can learn from the United States can be beneficial to the China’s further development in the future. If China has quarrels or serious conflicts with the United States , the accesses to seize all useful information and those technological capabilities will be denied which make some obstacles for the balanced development for China . As a result, the struggle between the two countries will be maintained at the optimized level that allows China to...
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