The Future of Small Arms

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Patrick Duran
Professor Mitsis
English 120- TTH
19 May 2011
US Army Rangers: The Future of Small Arms
The US Army Rangers have bravely and proudly served the United States throughout its history. The Rangers are an elite branch of the US Army, executing extremely dangerous missions, but research has shown that their standard rifle- the M4, lacks in dependability and other equally important areas. Too many US soldiers have already died. It is time for the United States Military to become equipped with a newer and more dependable rifle. By replacing the M4 assault rifle United States soldier’s lives can be saved. A History of Elite Warriors

The birth of the Rangers happened before the United States was a country back in the mid 1700s. It was during the French and Indian War in 1756, that Robert Rogers was authorized to organize an independent ranger company (Encyclopedia Americana). They conducted long-range entry into enemy-held territory to collect intelligence and to sabotage enemy encampments. Because of the constant danger and hardship, the Rangers were paid more than other troops and wore distinct uniforms (Encyclopedia Americana vol 23 p251).

In World War II the United States 1st Ranger Battalion was organized to help the British troops in raids on the German- held French coast. Soon after, five more Ranger battalions were formed. Five of the six battalions were sent to Europe to spearhead amphibious assaults and the remaining battalion was used in the liberation of the Philippines (Encyclopedia Americana v23 p251). Their bravery, skill and sacrifice helped lead to American victory in both theaters of war, the European and Pacific. The Vietnam War brought on a new kind of warfare. During the Vietnam War, the Rangers specialized in counterinsurgency, counter-guerilla operations, and psychological warfare (Encyclopedia Americana vol23 p251). In addition to fighting, they also acted as advisers to the South Vietnamese, and recruited locals in remote border areas to resist the Communist-led fighters. Training the Elite

To perform like an elite soldier you must be trained as one, and the Army Rangers are no exception. To become a Ranger you must first pass the Army’s basic training, have a combat M military occupation specialty (MOS) and score a 50 or higher on the armed services vocational aptitude battery (ASVAB). Then you must apply to the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP). The RIP’s purpose is to select and prepare candidates for service in the 75th Ranger Regiment (The Hoorah Schools 112-113). RIP lasts three weeks and was designed to physically and mentally toughen potential Rangers. It is RIP’s responsibility to identify and eliminate any newly assigned solider who does not demonstrate the dedication, motivation, physical fitness, and emotional stability required of a Ranger (Hoorah 113). The RIP training includes land navigation, Combat lifesaver course and many physical training events such as daily physical training, map reading, Airbourne Operation, Combatives, Driver training and Fast Rope Training (Hoorah 115).

If a potential Ranger passes RIP it is on to Ranger School. Ranger School is an 8 week, 5 day program that creates Rangers. In order to pass Ranger School the soldiers must a very tough course, known as the Ranger Course. The purpose of the Ranger Course is to teach and develop Combat Arms functional skills relevant to fighting the close combat and direct fire battle (Hoorah 121). The Ranger Course is 61 days in length with an average of 19.6 hours of training each day, seven days a week and it is broken down into three phases of training each in a different geographical location (Hoorah 122). The three phases are the Benning Phase, the Mountain Phase, and the Florida Phase. All three phases must be completed to pass. Weapons of the Elite

The United States Military has always been particular on what weapons US soldiers carry. In the past the US...
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