The Future of Pharmacy

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  • Published : January 5, 2011
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What have I learned concerning pharmacy practice that I did not know prior to taking this course? This was a serious question to ask myself when beginning to write this paper since I have been working in the pharmacy profession for the past 20 years. I believe as if this course had been a refresher course for me and actually brought me back to my training days while I was new to the practice of pharmacy. It has been good to expound some of my experience to the others in my class. It is very important to keep in mind where you came from as well as where you are now in your vocation objectives. A pharmacy technician should be vigilant, dependable, attentive, and devoted. Since pharmacy technicians back the job of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians have to be capable to follow directions appropriately. Precision as well as attention to detail are essential for pharmacy technicians because it may be an issue of life or death for a patient. Although a pharmacist will verify the job of a pharmacy technician, technicians should be able to work alone without continuous instruction from a pharmacist. As there is a great deal of communication with patients, coworkers, and healthcare experts, strong interpersonal as well as interaction abilities are required in a pharmacy setting. Team effort and collaboration in a pharmacy setting is very important since pharmacy technicians are often required to work with other pharmacists, aids, and technicians. Pharmacy technicians must defend the patient’s confidentiality. Each health care setting takes a patient’s confidentiality extremely seriously. A patient’s privacy rights are that the conversation of patient’s treatment, medical conditions, personal information, and medicines, outside the pharmacy is prohibited. The non-pharmacy staff, administrative staff, or surrounding customers should on no account overhear a patient’s information. The importance of the patient’s discretion and privacy cannot be over emphasized. Not only is...
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