The Future of Pharmacy

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  • Published : September 5, 2010
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The Future of Pharmacy
Latasha Cameron
May 15, 2010
Victoria McGhee

The Future of Pharmacy
Pharmacy practice has gone through many amazing changes as American society transitioned through agriculture, industrial, and information ages. Now as we go into conventional ages there are a few questions that one must ask, “Where does one see pharmacy practice going in the future”? And “In what timeframe does one see things changing”? And “How might those changes effect society”? My personal thoughts is to see pharmacy practice developing leadership in the curricula especially dealing with conflicts; although pharmacy students are still in school, their main focus is on therapeutics. With the changes of modern day pharmacy, specifically in a community practice environment students need more interpersonal skills for two reasons: to manage a profitable businesses and give optimal patient care. Business management classes should be taught more because the information is pertinent to their career. Honestly I cannot give a time frame in the changing of pharmacy practice but going by the beginning of apothecary to this date. I would estimate 35years from now with all the modern technology and equipment that is offered. Pharmacists may become integral with the health care system developing medication therapy management, providing patient services such as: reviewing patients medication and patient care. Three concepts that were learned in pharmacy practice that was not known before taking this course was compounding a prescription, the huge responsibilities of a pharmacist managing patient care, and the role pharmacy technicians play in community pharmacies. A Pharmacist dispense prescription drugs to people in need of medical assistance, they counsel patients on the use of their medication, Pharmacists advise physicians, and other healthcare professionals on dosages, side effects, drug interactions, and monitor the health progress of their patients; making...
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