The Future of Nyt

Topics: The New York Times, Newspaper, Bill Keller Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: November 20, 2010
The Future of the New York Times
Is there a necessary trade-off between company philosophy and the core goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth? Consider the New York Times example, and support your answer with what you have learned from the textbook.

It is my understanding that Yes there is a tradeoff between company philosophy, survival, growth and profitability. That trade off may not occur with all companies just those who may not be meeting the company goal of profitability. As stated in the text three economic goals guide the strategic direction of almost every business organization. Whether or not the mission statement explicitly states these goals, it reflects the firm’s intention to secure survival through growth and profitability.

The main objective for most businesses is to create profitability for the company and stakeholders. It is considered the mainstay goal of the business. The company creed is the company philosophy that is often reflected in the mission statement. Most companies set their sights on survival for the long term which requires them to have the ability to make adjustments to an ever changing market, i.e. Hewlett Packard as seen in unit one, or even the New York Times as seen in this unit. Hewlett Packard’s ability to make the CEO change when they did required a regrouping of philosophy so to speak. The new CEO though continued to forge ahead with some of the previous ideas he definitely put his mark on the company’s turnaround. The New York Times as stated in the article went through many changes during the four generations of guidance under the Ochs-Sulzberger family. Though it should be noted, they remained loyal to their philosophy of quality journalism. Their changes in CEO’s, distribution that spreads nationwide (50% out of the city), moving to the internet were necessary changes for their survival but they remained close to their philosophy. It appears that the NYT had a trade-off but it was not the...
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