The Future of Justin Bieber

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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The Future of Justin Bieber

A child star is a person of a younger age who becomes famous. Many times these young stars become famous for their acting, singing, and dancing abilities or a combination of the three. An example of a child-star in today’s time is Justin Bieber. Justin was discovered and instantly became famous. The question though, is what does the future hold for this young man? Will he continue to be the positive role model that he is aspiring to be for all of his fans, or will the popularity and fame get the best of him? Although many people believe that Justin Beiber will fail like many other child stars in the past, I have reason to believe that he will become successful like his mentor Usher. Both Beiber and Usher have things in common that can eventually attribute to Justin’s success.

Usher and Justin had similar childhoods before their days of their fame. Usher’s mother and father split up and divorced soon after Usher was born. It was said that Usher’s father had, “A long standing addiction to crack cocaine” (Aceshowbiz). Usher’s mother was forced to support Usher and his brother alone without the help of a spouse. Like Usher, Justin did not have much of a father figure either. Sources say that Beiber’s mother and father separated and divorced when Justin was just a little boy (Answers). This means that Usher and Justin were both raised by single mothers. From my experience living in a divorced situation, each part of the family for instance the mother’s side and the father’s side do not have a lot of money. Both stars did not have a male figure in their lives, only a mother who cared about each one of them greatly. Both stars received the start of their fame by entering a talent or singing contest. Shortly after competing in these contests each was contacted and offered a contract with a manager. Both interestingly were signed here in the Atlanta area. Usher and Beiber both gained fame upon their singing contest success. Each...