The Future of International Business for Indonesia

Topics: Investment, Globalization, Economics Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: January 6, 2013
In the current era of globalization every country definitely needs other countries to meet the needs in the country. In terms of meeting their needs, a state called transact international business. International business is a business activity conducted by a State or a company to another country. almost all companies, large or small, will be affected by global events and competition because most sell out and / or secure suppliers from foreign countries and / or compete with the products and services that come from abroad. Examples of international business is export import.           International business activities have a strong influence on the country in increasing people's welfare. A State will be in a strong position is weak or affected by human resources, natural resources and capital strength, which will determine what position they are in. For now the country is in a strong position in the face of international business is all developed countries and some developing countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and many more.           Indonesia in meeting their needs is very dependent on international business activities. Many domestic needs must be imported by Indonesia. Indonesia is currently implementing an open economic system opens a huge opportunity for foreign investors to do business in Indonesia and Indonesia. International business activities have a strong influence on Indonesia's economy. Indonesia has abundant natural resources, but Indonesia does not have the human resources and capital strength to manage natural resources, Indonesia is therefore in dire need of foreign workers and foreign capital to manage natural resources are abundant.           In the future, many predict that Indonesia will have an important role in international business activities. It's biased happen because there are many potential sources of energy that has not been managed in Indonesia and human...
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