The Future of Ecotourism

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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The Future of Ecotourism
Chayla cruz

The destination I have choosen to write about is Mexico because Mexico has many natural and breathes taking environments currently at risk. Mexico is a tropical and temperate region that contains many deserts. Its mountainous, and rugged topography makes an environment that creates microclimates because of the environment Mexico has a diverse assortment of animal species, and plants. The impact humans have had in Mexico is huge and it has created a long list of problems for Mexico’s environement. Some of the issues Mexico is currently experincing that needs to be improved are issues such as deforestation, desertification, erosion, and agricultrual enviornments that are deteriorating. Mexicos environment also has other threats such as scarce natural water (fresh), industrial effluents, and raw sewage polluting the rivers, and subsidence land created by depletion of groudwater. If nothing is done to slove the enviormental issues Mexico has it will create many problems for the country and its citizens. Many citizens are suffering from health issues because of the enviornment such as respiratory and waterborne diseases. The health issues are directly related to sewage, air pollution, and inadequate water. Another issue that is not solved will create many problems for the Mexico marine life is the effects of the gulf oil spill. After the oil spill chemical dispersants were pumped directly in the gulf to help break up the oil that still remained in the water after the spill was corrected. No one still can say just bhow much damage to marine organisms has been done from exposure to the dispersants (Handwerk, January 27, 2011). Not only did the dispersants have harmful effects to the marine life the oil spill also created several issues for plants and marine animals the effects of oil are so severe that it is considered a catastrophe for the environment experincing the spill. The biggest threat for Mexico is...
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