The Future of Digital Marketing

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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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What is the future of digital marketing??Justify your ideas by making reference to theories, concepts and examples. The world of digital marketing is changing at a phenomenal pace. Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2012) goes on to say its constantly evolving technologies and the way consumers and businesses are using them are changing, not only how people access information but the way business to business, and consumer to business and business to consumers communicate amongst each other on a global scale. World statistics (2012) highlighted that digital marketing has changed the way consumers choose and buy products and services. Businesses and consumers are embracing digital technologies to communicate in ways that they could not do many years ago. Digital technologies are today being seamlessly integrated by ordinary people into their lives. Reedy and Schullo (2006). This goes on to show that people now use digital media and will continue using it in the future without any thoughts. This essay seeks to analyse the developments that are taking place in digital marketing and will demonstrate how the future of digital marketing will influence businesses, while highlighting the role of the consumer in this on-going development.

The internet and digital media have transformed marketing and businesses since the first website went live in 1991, since then consumer behaviour has changed dramatically, the way companies market to both businesses and consumers has changed. Organisations now have market strategies and models on how they market themselves to other companies and consumers. Chafney and Elis-Chadwick (2012). The aim of this strategy is to ensure that organisation/businesses succeed in the future and have up to date knowledge on how to apply digital media. Research shows that consumers’ expectations will increase in the future, it is said that consumers will have an instant impression on a website and this is important to them. They are looking at faster...
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